Our Mission & Vision

Hausner fosters unparalleled academic excellence, community responsibility, and vibrant Jewish living.

With our enriching values-based curriculum guiding their educational journey, our students grow into impactful leaders in their communities and beyond.

Philosophy Pillars

Learning Icon

   Learning—Limmud / לימוד

The Hausner curriculum nurtures academic excellence through critical thinking and whole-child learning that encourages every child to flourish.

Hausner classrooms are dynamic environments that buzz with curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. 


   Community—Kehillah / קהילה

Hausner embraces students of all backgrounds, and fosters an inclusive and supportive community for every student and their family.

Our school reflects the diversity of the Jewish community in America—a sign of our people’s continued vitality.


   Respect—Kavod / כבוד

Within our culture of acceptance and kindness, our students learn when to lead and when to listen.

Our curriculum emphasizes a concern for our environment and our world, and embraces students’ responsibility for tikkun olam, repairing the world.


   Israel / ישראל

Hausner celebrates the special relationship between Israel and Jewish people around the world, instilling a love for the land and its people.

Hebrew is a living language that provides access to the richness of Jewish literature and facilitates a deeper connection with our global community. 


   Compassion—Rachamim / רחמים

We meet each student where they are and bring them on an enriching journey forward.

Our safe and supportive learning environment responds to the academic and social needs of each student. We create opportunities for our students to act with empathy in our community and beyond.


   Justice—Tzedek / צדק

Our school honors Gideon Hausner, the Israeli jurist, statesman, and justice seeker.

We are proud to be associated with a leader whose life was dedicated to Jewish values, Israel, education, and the pursuit of peace.

Portrait of Gideon Hausner

   Torah / תורה

Hausner students approach the Torah with both reverence and open-minded intellectual curiosity.

We study Jewish texts to inspire active dialogue and develop critical thinking – skills that enrich students’ growth. An egalitarian school, we honor each child’s mind and spirit, and encourage children and families to learn and grow together.