Mission, Vision, Values


Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School cultivates a joyful learning community that builds students’ capacity for critical thinking, creativity, and moral courage by nurturing their natural curiosity and exploring their compelling questions through a complementary curriculum of general and Jewish studies.


Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School engages students, families and communities in deep learning rooted in our traditions of interpretation, innovation and compassion. Our school serves as a model of how to develop citizens and leaders who apply Jewish wisdom, entrepreneurial thinking and ethical commitments to contemporary challenges.


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   Learning—Limmud / לימוד

The Hausner curriculum nurtures academic success through critical thinking and whole-child learning that encourages every child to flourish.

Hausner classrooms are dynamic environments that buzz with curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. 


   Respect—Kavod / כבוד

Within our culture of acceptance and kindness, our students learn when to lead and when to listen.

Our curriculum emphasizes concern for the local and broader community as well as the environment. 


   Community—Kehillah / קהילה

Hausner embraces students of all backgrounds and fosters an inclusive and supportive community for every student and their family.

Our egalitarian, pluralistic school community includes families from diverse Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds, identities and affiliations.


   Torah / תורה

We study the Torah and other Jewish texts as a part of the Jewish people’s ongoing, multi-millennial exploration of life’s deepest questions and concerns.

As a pluralistic school, we honor multiple interpretations and encourage students and families to approach these texts with both respect and intellectual curiosity.


   Israel / ישראל

Hausner celebrates the special relationship between Israel and the Jewish people.

We teach Hebrew as a dynamic, living language that provides access to the rich resources of Jewish and Israeli culture.


   Compassion—Rachamim / רחמים

Within our values-based curriculum, we emphasize acting with empathy in our community and beyond. 

Our safe and supportive learning environment responds to the social and emotional needs of each student.


   Justice—Tzedek / צדק

Our school honors Gideon Hausner, a noted Israeli jurist, statesman, and justice seeker. 

Inspired by this exemplary leader whose life was dedicated to Jewish values, Israel, education, and the pursuit of peace, we nurture a commitment to social justice throughout the school curriculum and embrace responsibility for tikkun olam, repairing the world.

Portrait of Gideon Hausner