During this Sukkot, the Hausner Community is thankful for the over 30 years we have been educating Jewish youth and celebrating Jewish life with a strong commitment to both scholarship and Tikkun Olam.

To express our vision for the future, we have reimagined and redesigned a new Hausner brand identity to better communicate our joyful Jewish learning community and our students’ capacity to flourish in today’s world.

When our students and teachers come to school tomorrow they will be welcomed with refreshed colors, new imagery, and a revelatory identity that better expresses the Hausner experience.


Introducing Our New  Brand Identity





Throughout the coming weeks, our community will be welcomed with these bright colors and the symbolic images of the sweetness of life, growth, eternal wonder, and learning. Using traditional Jewish symbolism in a vibrant playful way, we communicate the youth of our students and capacity for growth, joy, and enlightenment.


The Symbols

The Pomegranate

Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness, knowledge, and wisdom because it is said to have 613 seeds, each representing one of the 613 mitzvot of the Torah. It is also a symbol of fertility and love. One of the seven species associated with the land of Israel, the pomegranate is woven into the hem of the high priest vestment.

The Tree

The Midrash singles out trees to represent the natural world, the work of the Creator. The Torah and its commandments are compared with a “tree of life.” In our illustration, the tree also doubles as a child growing and thriving.

The Leaf

Judaism compares leaves to people with an emphasis on a person’s relationship to community, which is symbolized by the tree in which the leaves are connected. We purposely included 18 leaves, as the number 18 stands for “chai” or “life.” Leaves may also represent the fragility and durability of human life. In our illustration, the leaves also represent seeds of the pomegranate.

The Book

Book imagery refers to the Torah, a sacred symbol containing the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. It also displays our passion for learning, as we show a child reading.


The Colors

Bay Blue

Blue is the holiest color in Judaism.
It represents the sky and spirituality.
It also represents equilibrium, a midway between day and evening.


Deep Red

The color of ripe pomegranates.


Our majestic mascot, the Hausner Lion, will continue to embody our school’s spirit through teams and athletics as a sign of power, courage, strength, and protection.

Go Lions!



What should I expect?

During the fall and winter, much of the former logo will be retired
throughout the school and replaced with our new logo and colors.

New images and guidelines for usage will be shared
with students, families, faculty, and alumni.  


When can I buy updated gear and swag?

We will share links to our new official gear and swag store in late fall 2022.



Thoughts, questions, and comments?

On behalf of the staff, faculty, and board members who have worked
on the creation and design of this updated visual identity;
we’d love to know your initial thoughts or to be given the opportunity
to answer your questions.






Launching Our New Mission Statement


For over 30 years, our school has been dedicated to educating and enriching the lives of children through a community-based, child-centered education that combines outstanding academics and vibrant Jewish living in a creative and supportive setting.

Now fully immersed in the 21st Century, the Hausner School enters a new chapter, refining our joyous pursuit for discovery while weaving the educational framework of our time–critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

To celebrate the next chapter of our school, we have created new mission, vision, and values statements that communicate the culmination of our passion for Jewish Values and a modern approach to a 21st Century Education.


Our Mission

Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School cultivates a joyful learning community that builds students’ capacity for critical thinking, creativity, and moral courage by nurturing their natural curiosity and exploring their compelling questions through a complementary curriculum of general and Jewish studies.


Our Vision

Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School engages students, families and communities in deep learning rooted in our traditions of interpretation, innovation, and compassion. Our school serves as a, model of how to develop citizens and leaders who apply Jewish wisdom, entrepreneurial thinking, and ethical commitments to contemporary challenges.

Our Values

Learning Icon


The Hausner curriculum nurtures academic success through critical thinking and whole-child learning that encourages every child to flourish. Hausner classrooms are dynamic environments that buzz with curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.



Within our culture of acceptance and kindness, our students learn when to lead and when to listen.
Our curriculum emphasizes concern for the local and broader community as well as the environment. 



Hausner embraces students of all backgrounds and fosters an inclusive and supportive community for every student and family. Our egalitarian, pluralistic school community includes families from diverse Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds, identities and affiliations.



We study the Torah and other Jewish texts as a part of the Jewish people’s ongoing, multi-millennial exploration of life’s deepest questions and concerns. As a pluralistic school, we honor multiple interpretations and encourage students and families to approach these texts with both respect and intellectual curiosity.



Hausner celebrates the special relationship between Israel and the Jewish people. We teach Hebrew as a dynamic, living language that provides access to the rich resources of Jewish and Israeli culture.



Within our values-based curriculum, we emphasize acting with empathy in our community and beyond. Our safe and supportive learning environment responds to the social and emotional needs of each student.



Our school honors Gideon Hausner, a noted Israeli jurist, statesman, and justice seeker. Inspired by this exemplary leader whose life was dedicated to Jewish values, Israel, education, and the pursuit of peace, we nurture a commitment to social justice throughout the school curriculum and embrace responsibility for tikkun olam, repairing the world.


We invite you to join us on this new journey.


Announcing Our New  Brand Identity And Mission Statement