Hebrew Studies

At Hausner, Hebrew is a living language. Students are greeted with Hebrew from the moment they enter the school building. Their teachers welcome them by saying “Boker tov!”, Good morning!, and the hallways are decorated with student work that showcases and celebrates the Hebrew language.

A strong grasp of the Hebrew language connects students to their history, their culture, and their traditions – past, present, and future. Students study Hebrew to foster their sense of belonging to the Jewish people and to develop meaningful ties with Medinat Yisrael, the State of Israel, and Am Yisrael, the Jewish people


Colorful ice cream / glida / גלידה art by our kindergarteners 

Hebrew is taught to all students of all levels, from beginners to Dovrei Ivrit (Hebrew speakers and “heritage learners,” children of Hebrew speakers). In Kindergarten, Hebrew comes to life through songs, stories, and arts and crafts. In Grades 1-8, students study curricula tailored to their grade and comprehension level, always with both their academic and social-emotional needs in mind.

Instruction focuses on all four skills of language acquisition – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – as well as Israeli history and culture. 

Student holding up a self-made pesach seder plate

Our curriculum uses several well-recognized Hebrew language-learning programs:


Bishvil Ha’Ivrit

Yesh Ve’Yesh

Ivrit Be’Click

Ulpan Or

Alumna Moriah on Hebrew Studies

Student holding up sign in Hebrew: אני אוהבת טוסט טעים