Jewish Studies

A foundation of Jewish Studies enhances and enriches our mainstream academic curriculum. Deep curiosity and passion for learning are essential Jewish values, and students bring that joy and inquisitiveness to every facet of their academic journey. 

Hausner’s exceptional Jewish Studies program infuses Jewish life, learning, and values into the curriculum in engaging and meaningful ways. Our goal is that each child graduates with a strong sense of Jewish identity, a breadth of Jewish knowledge and a desire to seek out and engage with their Jewish community in their own unique way. 

The Hausner curriculum is based on the following seven elements of study, interpreted and adapted in age-appropriate ways:

Talmud Torah - Jewish texts 

Students become familiar with and deeply examine essential Jewish texts. They develop important critical thinking skills and are encouraged to bring that same spirit of analysis to their other studies. 


Students reading from the Torah scroll during tefillah

Tefillah - Prayer

Students learn Judaism’s most beautiful traditional prayers and come to fully appreciate their meaning, while developing their own personal sense of spirituality.


Children blessing each other during Kabbalat Shabbat

Chagim - Holidays

Classrooms celebrate the many Jewish holidays that occur during the school year, and learn the textual and historical basis for why and how we celebrate.


Kindergartener performing the mitzvah of shaking the four species in the Sukkah

Mitzvot and Middot - Jewish values

Students delve into the Jewish commandments and the Rabbinic commentary developed through the ages. They learn to turn their values into actions, respect their relationships with others, and mindfully grow as individuals.


Our Wall of Values


Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, and students learn about the history, archeology, geography, people, culture, and politics of both Ancient Israel and the modern State of Israel. Their studies culminate in a life-changing 8th grade study tour to Israel.


8th Grade Israel Study Tour

Jewish History

Students study the significant events in Jewish history, and learn and grow from stories of resilience and courage.


Yom Hashoah: Lighting six candles in memory of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust

Family Education

Our students’ families and larger communities are invited to experience Hausner ceremonies and celebrations, wrapping each child in a network of learning, love, and joy.


Simchat Torah celebration