As a school situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, we know that our students inhabit a fast-changing world filled with opportunities.

Our STEM program, which integrates science, technology, engineering, and math, is designed to help them navigate that world and contribute to an ever-growing body of knowledge.

STEM Highlights Through the Years

TK - 2nd Grade

Our youngest students are steeped in experiential learning. They learn about how our bodies function and move as part of a larger unit on anatomy, analyze our campus recycling program for efficacy and work to improve it, and research sustainability as a part of their study of insects and life cycles. 


3rd - 4th Grade

Lessons focus on how our students can become innovators and communicators. They design cardboard arcade games, build bridges that are strong and aesthetically pleasing, and conduct formal experiments in groups.


Upper School

Students investigate climate change and local means to reduce carbon emissions, create future organisms using the tenets of evolution and adaptation, and design Rube Goldberg machines that exemplify how energy is transformed into different forms.

Technology is part of our students’ everyday experience thanks to the range of devices available, like 3D design and printing, sewing machines, and fully-equipped science labs. Student projects incorporate electronic components and computer science learning like microbits, Raspberry Pis, Little Bits, and Arduinos.

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