Technology is a powerful instructional tool that enhances teaching and learning, and helps our students grow into respectful, attentive digital citizens.

We recognize the importance of using technology, as well as its potential downsides, and are mindful of the balancing act between screen and non-screen time. We are committed to instilling good digital etiquette and safety in our students from a young age. Each student has access to a developmentally appropriate device from TK to 8th Grade. 

Classrooms dedicate time to learning specific technology skills that help them succeed academically and interpersonally, and receive additional instruction in electives and after school programs.

Girl student with headphones working on laptop
Middle school girls taking pictures with selfie stick

Technology in the Classroom

Classrooms are equipped with Apple TV devices and projectors for direct instruction and to enable teachers and students to share work with the class. Cloud-based computing allows students to communicate and collaborate with their teachers, other students, and Hausner’s twinning school in Israel. Beginning in upper school, Hausner offers a 1:1 divide program that provides on-demand access to technology. As part of their coursework, students plan and execute projects on iPads, Mac laptops, and Windows-based computers. They create multimedia projects using digital cameras, green screen recording equipment, and audio recording equipment.

Students working on the computer
Technology in kindergarten