Upper School (5th Grade–8th Grade)

In Hausner Upper School (formerly Middle School), we embrace our students’ passions, desire for exploration, and burgeoning independence through learning experiences that resonate with them and expand their minds. Hands-on projects and in-depth studies activate our students’ natural inclination for inquiry.

In upper school there are many long-term projects, which means that students immerse themselves in a problem, research it and learn what it is like to understand something in depth. This is a great skill to have, since learning is very different from test taking. My kids, previously public school students, have benefited more from becoming immersed in Egyptian medicine or how to build a drone than mindlessly studying a list of facts for the STAR tests.
-Lulu B., parent

We provide the space for students to explore their identities, opinions, and interests, and focus on the processes of academic and personal growth. We help our students navigate the social, emotional, and intellectual changes they are experiencing and encourage them to consider other perspectives.


Students develop analytical skills and the ability to engage in rhetoric debate, allowing them to approach all of their subjects with a critical eye and the ability to think deeply and abstractly. Our advisory curriculum provides close academic and emotional support for each student, helping them develop healthy habits that are critical for future success. 

Curriculum Highlights