Virtual Tour

Greetings from our mascot, Lionardo!

The Hausner Campus

The four-acre campus features three buildings housed with an excellent library, Beit Tefillah, science laboratories, design lab and design studio, art studio, music studio and a state-of-the-art gym; several expansive outdoor play areas and sports fields; an outdoor dining area; a garden; three parking lots and a ring road around the perimeter.

A tour of the Troper Building, which houses some of our common spaces for tefillah, art, music and physical education, surrounded by our garden and playing fields.

Front of building
Hausner soccer field
Play structure
Zoom in on student holding cherry tomatoes
Welcome sign in various languages
Hoops and balls organized at gym for PE class
Wall with awards and trophies
Wall decorated with kids' art
Two students working on a laptop