Hausner alumni are involved in their communities and engaged in Jewish and communal life throughout the world. Many explicitly cite their experiences at Hausner as formative in shaping their values, communal commitments, and positive and proactive engagement in learning.

Our alumni specifically note their self-confidence as learners, their ability to self advocate, and a high comfort level approaching their teachers and speaking out in their classrooms.

Graduates routinely take on leadership roles in their schools and in the community. They point out their time at Hausner as formative and as the key differentiator from their peers in these regards.

Many report that they recreate their Jewish community after Hausner by joining and sometimes forming clubs in their schools and communities. They also frequently continue their Hebrew studies.

The majority of our alumni attend prestigious four-year colleges, some have joined the Israel Defense Forces, and others are defining success for themselves in different ways.

Portraits of Hausner Alumni

Where Our Graduates Go (a Partial List)

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