Parent Kesher (PTA)

​Parent Kesher – Hebrew for “connection” – is the organization at the heart of Hausner’s system of cooperation and support. Responsible for maintaining the critical connection between parents, teachers, staff, and students, Parent Kesher is Hausner’s unique version of the PTA.

Parent Kesher volunteers

Parent Kesher’s contributions include:

Coordinates an array of back-to-school events, holiday celebrations, and social events

Parent Education
Provides parents with expert learning opportunities through the Common Ground Speaker Series, a consortium of local private schools

Staff Appreciation
Organizes lunches, end-of-year gifts, and other gestures to show gratitude to our devoted teachers and staff

Community Support
Offers assistance to families during challenging times

Hausner Cares
Organizes community service projects and activities for Hausner families

Creates and moderates channels for parents to communicate with each other about a variety of school and non-school-related topics

Provides ongoing support for Hausner staff and teachers

Contents of Rosh Hashanah goodie bag assembled by Parent Kesher

Contents of Rosh Hashanah goodie bag assembled by Parent Kesher

In the beginning of the 20-21 school year, Parent Kesher volunteers assembled and delivered cookies and welcome bags to new Hausner families

Cookies delivered to new Hausner families by Parent Kesher volunteers 

Parent volunteers in Purim carnival