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Anna Leemon
Nathalie Gee

In the fall of her freshman year of college in 2018, Hausner alumna Nathalie Gee heard about a need for a bone marrow donation in the Bay Area Jewish community, leading to her joining the registry and ultimately donating bone marrow to a leukemia patient.

Read Nathalie’s story about the donation process, getting to know her recipient (with whom she now shares 99.7% DNA!), and how her time at Hausner shaped her views on the importance of tikkun olam and tzedakah.

Mount Arbel
Ben Smietana

It was our last day in Israel. We hiked down Mount Arbel, visited the holy city of Safed, and ate a farewell dinner in Tel Aviv, before heading to the airport and returning home. 

Kabbalat Shabbat
Ben Smietana

It was a day of prayer, peace, relaxation, and hanging out. The students went to synagogue in the morning and spent much of day socializing and sharing each other's company. 

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