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Laura Lauder and Ora Gittelson-David
Hausner Development

Our seventh-grade Avodah La'Olam class recently welcomed Alumni Parent Laura Lauder for a lively discussion about Philanthropy.

Laura, who in addition to being a proud Hausner alumni parent and past board member, is also a Bay Area Jewish philanthropist, spoke about the important Jewish concept of Derech Eretz, which refers to a code of conduct, or the "way of the world." For Laura and her family, this means that philanthropy is an essential part of their lives, guided by Jewish values.

Talia Ambar
Azriella Friedman

Talia Ambar is a Hausner parent and Hebrew teacher. Even if you are a Hebrew speaker you may not be familiar with her favorite Hebrew words. Read more to learn about her interests in art and travel. Take a guess... How many national parks has she already visited?

Rachel Kitt
Azriella Friedman

In between running marathons, being a Hausner parent, and taking on a new role as Hausner as Community Engagement Manager, Rachel Kitt sat down and shared with us her passion for fitness and being involved in the Hausner community.

Jean Gould
Jean Gould

From the beginning of her Hausner career, 3rd grade teacher Jean Gould immediately recognized it was a school like no other. “I was welcomed with affection and appreciation I had not yet earned — what I would describe as authentic kindness and good faith. And I met colleagues who time and again demonstrated a rigorously principled approach to their craft, eager to work as a team.” Read Jean's heartfelt story and learn why she donates to the Hausner Fund each year.

Tal Binyamin
Azriella Friedman

This week, we caught up with our Marketing Manager, Tal Binyamin. Read the post to find out about her fun hobbies and cool favorite Hebrew word.

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