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Rabbi Daniel Lehmann

At a recent Hausner board meeting, members gathered in small groups and discussed their favorite Jewish holidays. Hausner Head of School Rabbi Daniel Lehmann shared that his favorite, though he loves all of them, is Sukkot. Here are a few reasons why Sukkot tops the list for him.

Isaac Kontorovsky
Emily Waldorf, Hausner Board Secretary

An interview with parent board member, Isaac Kontorovsky, chair of the Risk Management Committee.

throughout the pandemic, Isaac has collaborated tirelessly with the school leadership and his committee to navigate the ever-changing landscape of county restrictions, best practices for educational settings, and to keep our school and community as safe as possible in a constantly changing and very stressful context.  

Valerie Porush Hoffman
Emily Waldorf, Hausner Board Secretary

Valerie Porush Hoffman is Hausner's Development Chair and mom of four children, three of whom are current Hausner students.

Valerie brings an impressive professional background in development in the Jewish community and a passion for Israel to her work on the Hausner board. The recent success of Hausner’s first-ever virtual fund campaign showcases the strength and resolve of the community to continue to support our school’s important mission despite the tremendous challenges of the pandemic.

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