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Grace Rhodes
Vicky Tsur

Did you know that as well as her years of hard work and dedication at Hausner, Office Manager Grace Rhodes is a Hausner parent, too? We caught up with her and heard about her family, her role at the school, her meaningful tattoos, and more. Read on to learn about the heartwarming explanation behind her favorite Hebrew word,

Pooja Dimba
Vicky Tsur

Pooja Dimba is our hardworking 4th grade assistant teacher. As well as working at Hausner full-time, she also finds time for many other activities. Read all about her busy life here and learn what type of combat sport she’s recently gotten into

Julie Bozhor
Vicky Tsur

We were delighted to have Julie Bozhor join our kindergarten team a few months ago. She is sporty and brave, and knows how to bring fun to the classroom. Read all about her here.

Val Zvinyatskovsky
Megan Bartell

We spoke with 2020 Hausner grad Val Zvinyatskovsky, who has returned to the school to teach a new theater elective this year. Learn about what it was like to graduate at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and find out how his Hausner education has shaped his outlook and influenced his future plans.

Danielle Parish

In November 2021, Hausner parent Pastor Danielle Parish traveled to the UN climate conference in Glasgow. As a faith leader, she was sent to observe and advocate for climate action on behalf of our community. After years of watching wildfires tear through local communities and years of sheltering our children from toxic wildfire smoke, she felt compelled to take action.

Along with her daughter Pheobe, they attended the Climate March, which she describes as "the most hopeful and energizing experience". "Our hearts were filled as people from every nation, faith, and language filled the streets with songs, chants, drums, bands, and creative signs," Danielle says.

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