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African Library Project
Donna Seidel, Second Grade Lead Teacher

Our second-grade students, in collaboration with the African Library Project, have achieved something remarkable for the third year in a row. They collected over 1,000 new and gently used books to establish a primary school and community library in a farming village in Ghana, West Africa.

The completion of this project enriched the lives of the children in Akim Anamase and left an indelible mark on our second graders. It demonstrated their ability to effect positive change, proving that even seven and eight-year-olds can make a difference. Through their efforts, they empowered themselves and those around them, reminding us that together we can shape a better future.

Peled Family
Azriella Friedman

Born in Tel Aviv, but teaching in the Bay Area for 3 years, Yael Pelled brings a contagious passion for Hebrew to her 1st-3rd grade classes. Her students love singing and reading Hebrew, and Yael's own interests in reading, dancing, and hiking make her the perfect teacher to bring Hebrew to life. Plus, with a background as a Shlicha in France and a love for Jewish holidays (especially Pesach), Yael's energy and enthusiasm are not to be missed!

Community Engagement at Hausner: Connecting Beyond the School Grounds
Rachel Kitt

In this blog post, our Community Engagement Manager, Rachel Kitt, explores the importance of building a strong sense of community beyond the school grounds. Through the successful engagement program called Lions in the Wild, we are creating special moments for Hausner families and staff to connect with each other in unexpected places. Read the post to learn about recent experiences and upcoming events.


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