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Ben Smietana
Ben Smietana

In this heartfelt commencement speech, delivered during the graduation ceremony on June 14, 2023, Upper School teacher Ben Smietana shared his invaluable wisdom with the graduating eighth-grade class of 2023. As the students prepare to embark on their high school journey, Ben's speech stands as a reminder of the significance of authenticity, self-reflection, and human connection in the digital age. Through candid anecdotes and genuine reflections, he urges the graduates to find balance, prioritize self-discovery, and embrace kindness in their lives.

Azriella Friedman
Tal Binyamin

This is a true homecoming story! Meet Azriella Friedman, a Kindergarten teacher, working in the very same classroom she once sat in as a student 18 years ago! From a childhood immersed in this vibrant community to pursuing studies in psychology and family studies, Azriella's journey has come full circle. Witness her passion for Jewish Studies, her students, and the incredible "Nachat" she experiences daily with her students. 

Robin Feuchtwang
Azriella Friedman

Introducing Robin Feuchtwang, our wonderful Kindergarten assistant teacher. Robin has worn many hats at Hausner, teaching various subjects and even substituting for different grades. Her highlight of the week is connecting with her students and witnessing their intellectual and emotional growth. When she's not at work, Robin enjoys walking her dog, having cozy Shabbat dinners with her family, and creating hilarious iMovies. Read on to learn more about Robin.

African Library Project
Donna Seidel, Second Grade Lead Teacher

Our second-grade students, in collaboration with the African Library Project, have achieved something remarkable for the third year in a row. They collected over 1,000 new and gently used books to establish a primary school and community library in a farming village in Ghana, West Africa.

The completion of this project enriched the lives of the children in Akim Anamase and left an indelible mark on our second graders. It demonstrated their ability to effect positive change, proving that even seven and eight-year-olds can make a difference. Through their efforts, they empowered themselves and those around them, reminding us that together we can shape a better future.

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