2022 Israel Study Tour: Day #1

Ben Smietana

After over twenty-four hours of travel, we’re finally here in Israel! After multiple hours in the SFO airport we made it onto the plane and had a pretty smooth ride to Newark. There, we had around an hour to walk around with friends and get food. Many of us tried east coast pizza for the first time! After that, we boarded the plane to Israel (though it was delayed for over an hour), and after waiting a while on the plane we finally took off. Ten and a half long hours later, and we arrived in Israel! We got to meet our Ramah staff team, and enjoyed our first meal in Israel (bagels), before taking a bus to our first hotel in Tel Aviv. I can’t wait to start more activities tomorrow!

Chava R.

Hi everyone! Today is the first blog entry of the Israel trip! We had our flights, which went smoothly and quickly, and when we arrived we got tested and ate some food! We had bagels and muffins and some nice drinks! We also got to meet all the staff who are super nice and got our rooms at the hotel with our friends! I personally cannot wait to see what’s to come and see everyone in the grade grow and become closer through this amazing study tour.

Tamara R. 



The class of 2022 poses for a group photo shortly after arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. 

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