8th Grade Israel Solidarity Trip 2024: All Blog Entries

8th Grade Israel Solidarity Trip 2024: All Blog Entries
Written by the students in the delegation

Last week, a delegation of nine 8th graders, accompanied by Head of School Rabbi Danny Lehmann and 8th grade teacher Maia Elder-Kadar, returned from a seven-day solidarity trip to Israel. This profound and unique trip included a special visit to ElHarar ORT Bedouin School, the Robotics Technology student center in Ofakim, a visit to the NOVA Festival memorial in Re'im, Shabbat in Jerusalem, a special Yom HaZikaron with our friends at Leo Beack school in Haifa, a festive yet somber Yom Ha'Atzmaut gathering in Jerusalem and more.

Thank you to Sharon Alter for championing this trip, Parent Kesher for the contributions to Ofakim, Ora Gittelson-David for connecting us with Leo Beack school, Claire Smith, Cena Olson and Grace Rhodes for organizing every small detail, Ramah Israel for providing the best staff possible to help make this trip a success and Rabbi Daniel Lehman and Maia Elder-Kadar for chaperoning.

Read all about the trip on our blog (entries written by the students):

Day 1: Bedouin School, Ofakim, NOVA Festival memorial

Days 2 and 3: Jerusalem

Day 4: Haifa

Day 5: Yom HaZikaron

Day 6: Yom Ha'Atzmaut

Day 7: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv


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