Alumni Profile: Anna Leemon

Anna Leemon

The first rule in my classroom is “Kindness and Respect, Always.” I teach chemistry at Rancho Cotate High School and although these values are not in the state standards, Hausner taught me that without them, students cannot learn. At Hausner, teachers instill empathy and compassion in a unique way that bonds their students. This incredible community allows children to learn authentically, ask questions, get frustrated, and find answers. In high school, I realized most students don’t ask questions. They are afraid to feel “stupid” or like a “goody-goody.” I never had that problem, because Hausner taught me to put my learning first and support other learners.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Michigan because Hausner gave me a great passion for science, specifically chemistry. In my academic classes, I was one of few students who asked questions that helped me and my peers learn the material more deeply. I coordinated study groups because I knew the value of a community learning together. 

I earned my Master of Arts in Education and Secondary Teaching Credentials for Chemistry and Physics from the Stanford Teacher Education Program. Every day in my classroom I work hard to teach my students the required material, but I never forget to foster their bonds between one another. At the end of a hard lesson, my students reflect: What will you continue to do well? What will you improve tomorrow? As they share their reflections, they realize that if they are struggling, chances are someone else is, too, and that we’re all learning together. I often think of my Hausner teachers: “What would they do?” The list of incredible teachers I had goes on and on. I am so honored to have my Hausner background supporting me in everything I do.

Anna Leemon in Kindergarten (2000)

Anna Leemon in Kindergarten (2000)


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