Donation Drive for Ukraine: A Message From 2nd Grade Parent Vera Gribanov

Vera Gribanov

Over the course of the last three weeks, I've been having a version of the same conversation with almost every Hausner parent I've talked to. The theme of these conversations is the feeling of powerlessness that we are gripped by, knowing we can do little to stop the suffering that we are seeing unfolding as a consequence of the war in Ukraine. We see the anxiety in our children's faces as they hear snippets of conversations about the war, and we want to empower them to help in times of crisis. There are many dimensions of the ongoing conflict, but for many Hausner families, there is a particular aspect of it that hits close to home: some of us are just two or three (or fewer) generations from the refugee experience in our own families, and know how hard resettlement and trauma can be on families and children.

With all this in mind, Hausner will sponsor a drive to collect much-needed items to help Ukrainian refugee children and families in Poland and Romania. We will send these items to one of a few locations, which include the JCC in Krakow, Poland, a Chabad center in Chisinau, Moldova, and a distribution center in Chelm, Poland, for the Ukranian organization Come Back Alive. All three organizations are doing important work in providing medical care, services, and/or housing to Ukrainian refugees.

Please see the list of items below. Donation boxes will be available in the lower school and middle school lobbies from March 24–30.

Please join in! I very much hope that this drive will give us all a small way to show our children how to care for others in times of major crisis.



  • Students are welcome to write a note of encouragement to send along with the items.
  • No hotel or travel sizes, please. Place all liquids in a sealed plastic ziplock.

Hygiene products

- shampoo
- bar soap
- toothbrush
- toothpaste
- sanitary pads
- deodorant
- face wash
- package razors
- lotion
- shaving cream
- comb/hairbrush
- band-aids
- OTC antibiotic ointment
- small nail scissors
- adult diapers
- baby diapers
- diaper cream
- warm baby clothes and swaddles
- socks, underwear

Medicines and medical aid

- OTC Claritin (10mg Loratadine)
- OTC acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol)
- thermo blankets
- waterproof blue markers
- scissors
- bandages
- medical gloves
- anti-microbial silver wound gel
- flashlights and batteries

For refugee kids

- small plush toys

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