Hausner Board, Up Close and Personal: An Interview With Nittai Malchin

Emily Waldorf, Hausner Board Secretary

You have the special honor of being an alumni board member, can you please tell us a bit more about your family's connection to Hausner?

I feel connected to Hausner in so many ways. My siblings and I attended the school for years. I've always maintained that it provided us with the familiarity with and context behind Jewish traditions, holidays, and culture. This was hugely important for my family, coming from Israel, as it cemented these topics as second nature and helped us to feel at home when visiting Israel or spending time with family. Several of my closest friends are from Hausner as well—a group of us just FaceTimed the other day.

Beyond my friends and nuclear family, my paternal grandfather is tied to Haunser in a unique way. As a Mossad agent in 1960, he was part of the operation that captured Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires and brought him to Israel to face trial. My grandfather, who lost family to the Nazi regime, was the man who snatched Eichmann off the street with his own two hands. This Eichmann trial, of course, fell under Gideon Hausner as the chief prosecutor. I've always been proud of my family's connection to this part of history and to the school that I attended for so many years.

What motivates you to serve on the board? What do you most enjoy?

I reconnected with Hausner ten years after graduating from 8th grade in 2007 when I was invited to share my story and my grandfather's connection to Hausner at a school event. Fond memories of playing soccer with friends, learning how to solve problems, brainstorming for my Avodah La'Olam project, practicing my Hebrew, and more quickly resurfaced. I joined the board in hopes of making sure that my formative Hausner experience could be extended to current and future students. I've been excited to see that the school has not only maintained its high standards but improved on the program across the board since my graduation. In addition to the forecasting work the board does for Hausner, I love taking a peek at what students are up to today in class, extracurricular projects, at Shabbat, and more.

What do you think makes a Hausner education such an asset in today's uncertain world?

To me, what makes Hausner a special place to learn is that it fosters genuine curiosity in its students. In a world that continuously changes at such a fast clip, Hausner students leave the school with a thirst for knowledge and comfort with asking questions, positioning them for success wherever they go. I'm proud of what my classmates have achieved so far - academically, professionally, and personally - and I'm confident that their experiences at Hausner played a big part.

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