Staff Profile: Cressida Hanson

Vicky Tsur

It’s hardly a surprise that Hausner librarian Cressida Hanson is an avid reader of books, but did you know she is trying her hand at writing, too? Cressida answered our questions this week and we learned a lot of things about her.

1. How long have you lived in the Bay Area, where did you come from and what brought you here?

Such a simple question that requests a complicated answer. I was born in San Francisco but spent my first ten years in the Midwest. We moved back to Palo Alto for my middle and high school years (then-Jordan-now-Greene Middle; Paly) and from then on, I have bounced back and forth between the Bay Area and around the world: Wisconsin, South Korea, Boston, rural Illinois, even spending a year on a cruise ship.

2. What is your role at Hausner and how long have you been here? 

2021-2022 marks my eighth year as Librarian at Hausner. The current eighth grade were first-graders when we first met!

3. What is the highlight of your working week?

I feel like a celebrity when I walk between buildings during hafsakah or lunch. Students of all ages shout my name and wave when I pass by. It warms my heart every time.

4. What do you do when you're not at work?

Write. I am a pre-published children's book author actively trying to remove the 'pre' from that description. My middle grade novel "Camper Row" won SCBWI (Society of Children's Books Writers & Illustrators) Work-in-Progress award (2020) and I was just named the local SCBWI chapter's Scholar-in-Residence.

5. What do you think you would do if you weren't a school librarian?

I'd likely work within the publishing and/or bookstore industry. But if I were to choose a childhood dream, I'd be a tornado chaser.

6. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I like to garden. We have four raised beds in our front yard where my son (a Hausner first-grader) and I grow vegetables and herbs. I'm extra blessed that the library looks onto our beautiful Hausner garden and murals.

7. What is your favorite Hebrew word?
Sifriyah / סִפְרִיָה — library. Too obvious of a choice? :)


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