Staff Profile: Tal Binyamin

Azriella Friedman

This week, we caught up with our Marketing Manager, Tal Binyamin. Read on to find out about her fun hobbies and cool favorite Hebrew word.

1. How long have you lived in the Bay Area, where did you come from and what brought you here?

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, spent a few years in Tel Aviv, and moved to California in 2013 for my husband’s job. Like some other Israelis in relocation, we moved for a “two-year adventure” as young newlyweds and nine years later we are still here, now with two kids, both Hausner students (Mika in TK and Guy in 1st).

2. What is your role at Hausner and how long have you been here? 

I joined Hausner as the school’s Marketing Manager in the summer of 2020. I work on the school’s advertising, communications, website, social media, and other initiatives. 

Another big part of the Hausner Marketing department's work is collaborating with the various stakeholder groups—Admissions, Development, Academics, Parent Kesher, and Board of Directors—to promote our programs, offerings, and events, both externally and internally. 

We are focused on building a strong brand and getting Hausner’s name out there.

3. What was the highlight of your working week?

My day is filled with email, meetings, editing, designing, and WAY too many browser tabs open. When I get the opportunity to step out of my office, I see happy children all around. The highlight of any given day is when I see a student doing something sweet or silly like skipping, singing, making funny faces, or telling themselves a story or a joke.

I am also very fortunate to be able to see my children during little snippets of their day and experience special moments with them. 

4. What do you do when you're not at work?

I love practicing yoga and hiking. I recently started taking adult hip-hop dance classes, which was my big passion growing up. 

5. What do you think you would do if you weren't in marketing?

I am a certified yoga instructor. I used to teach group and private Vinyasa classes, but that’s been on pause since I started at Hausner. Yoga is a lifelong journey, so I know it will always be there for me. I would also have loved to do something in the world of labor and delivery. How magical would it be to be able to help bring life into the world?

6. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I love being upside down 🙃
I’ve gone bungee jumping and sky diving, and have been on many loopy rollercoasters. I also enjoy practicing inversions in my yoga practice. 

7. What is your favorite Hebrew word?

Hebrew is my native language and I love it. I appreciate how intricate and multilayered it is. 

My favorite word was probably last used sometime in the 80s and it’s the most uncool way of saying “cool”: giz’ee / גזעי. A few years ago I decided to bring it back. So far no one else has picked it up, but I’m still going strong!


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