Why I Give to Hausner: Jean Gould, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher

Why I Give to Hausner: Jean Gould, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Jean Gould


As a new hire at Hausner, I immediately recognized I was in a school like no other. The depth of collaboration was palpable, and I was immediately engaged in a free flow of ideas, tools, tips, and aspirations. I was welcomed with affection and appreciation I had not yet earned — what I would describe as authentic kindness and good faith. And I met colleagues who time and again demonstrated a rigorously principled approach to their craft, eager to work as a team. 

That wasn’t the half of it. I quickly found Hausner to be joyful. From the time I attended my first Tefillah, I experienced a connection to community, and a greater connection to my own being, and to the world. Since then, I always have a song in my head from any of a number of Hausner celebrations and rituals, and I am grateful to be included in honoring important traditions here. 

All these experiences were impactful; but the importance of Hausner struck me most dearly during my period of illness. In Hausner I found a wellspring of support that allowed me to achieve something I initially thought impossible: to live two perfectly integrated lives simultaneously. One life focused on my health; and the other life maintained my role as a professional, confident in the continuity of care for my students and families. Being part of Hausner made everything okay as I navigated my road to recovery. 

Why do I contribute to Hauser? For these reasons, and so many more.


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