Why We Give to Hausner?

Boris Glants

From the moment our daughter, Hannah, set foot on Hausner’s campus as a Kindergartener 2 years ago, we knew Hausner was like family. Now in 2nd grade, Hannah is creative, curious, and bold--and takes pride in her Jewish heritage.

The benefits of a Hausner education became clear to me last summer when we took a whale watching trip while visiting family on the east coast. Out of a crowd of adults and teenagers, seven-year-old Hannah was the only one who stepped up to engage with our tour guide by asking deep, insightful questions that demonstrated her critical thinking skills, her enthusiasm for learning, and her fearlessness. 

Where did she get this from? We credit Hausner with teaching our daughter to pursue her natural curiosity, and to engage with teachers and other adults in her life, to ask questions, and to offer her own opinions and ideas.

For our family, Hausner is so much more than a school; It is the center of our Jewish life, our community, and of course, a place that is preparing our daughter to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

For this reason, my family and I have increased our support for the Hausner Fund this year. We hope you will join us by visiting hausnerschool.org/support-us and making your generous donation to the Hausner Fund.


Boris Glants
Board Member and Development Committee Vice-Chair

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