Hausner Cares—Thanksgiving Pie Drive

Tal Binyamin


We’re so happy to share that our annual Thanksgiving Pie Drive is back! Next Wednesday, your child(ren) will bring home a ziploc bag containing an aluminum pie tin and a simple apple pie recipe. Please bake (or buy) a pie and join our efforts to show Hausner Cares! This is a great way for family members to do a mitzvah together. You may use the provided recipe or one of your own. This year they will happily accept pumpkin as well as apple pies! 

Hausner delivers these delicious treats to the Downtown Streets Team by way of the Food Closet at All Saints Episcopal Church in Palo Alto, where they serve a huge Thanksgiving meal for families. 
Bring your pie (wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the plastic bag) to Ring Road on Friday, November 19 (by 8:45 am). Volunteers will be waiting to collect the pies during morning drop-off. 

Note: Store-bought pies are completely acceptable, we know you are busy. Either way, please be sure to wrap the pie in foil and insert it into a sealed ziploc bag.

If you’re able to volunteer to help collect pies the morning of November 19, please sign up here or contact Jenn Romanoff at 215-681-0148 or

Thank you for your participation and support for our Hausner Cares efforts with this mitzvah. 

It’s all as easy as pie!