Lunch at Hausner: How it Works and Parent Survey

Lunch at Hausner: How it Works and Parent Survey

Sage Dining is Hausner’s snack and lunch provider. Every day the Sage staff prepares kosher, nut-free, nutritionally balanced meals for students and staff. Sage has two rotating menus, one for meat weeks and one for dairy weeks. Each day, in addition to the main entree, there is a soup of the day, a variety of sandwiches, salads, fruit, and raw vegetables. Entrees can typically be served “plain” or with a sauce, and there is always a gluten-free option. For more information, please visit the online Sage menu.

Staci Jones, our food service director, works with Hausner staff to identify student favorites, confirms that she can source the various items, and then creates two menus (meat and dairy) each season and submits these proposed menus to the company where they are reviewed to ensure they meet Sage’s dietary guidelines.

Staci, like others in the food industry, has faced supply chain challenges that have required changes to our offerings. Most notably, she is not currently able to purchase kosher chicken nuggets so we have not been able to offer this very popular option thus far this year. She continues to check on this and hopes to bring nuggets back.

In order to help Staci, Sage, and Hausner staff continue to offer nutritious, popular menu choices that will appeal to as many members of our community as possible, we have created two surveys, one for students in 2nd grade and above and one for parents. In the student survey, which students will complete at school, we ask our students to indicate which menu options they prefer and suggest additional menu options we should consider. In the parent survey, we also ask you to tell us about your child’s eating habits and for suggestions for how we can help your child(ren) find something they will enjoy eating for lunch.

We appreciate your support as we continue to work to improve our lunch program. Please complete the parent survey by December 6. Thank you!

If you have any questions for Staci or would like to visit during lunch service sometime, please email her directly at

Thank you.

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