Message From Kyle Santander, Hausner's Health Coordinator

Message From Kyle Santander, Hausner's Health Coordinator
Kyle Santander

Dear Hausner community,

If you have not heard already, I will be leaving Hausner for nursing school later this month at San Francisco State University. 

After more than two years of college applications, I have finally made it into the notoriously impacted major of Nursing. It has been my dream to become a nurse ever since I was a child, initially inspired by my dad who works as a Registered Nurse. After working as an EMT and being Hausner’s Health Coordinator, this passion to further my medical career and knowledge has only grown stronger.

My time here interacting with staff, students, and families of Hausner has taught me many things not only in my field, but also in life. This experience has taught me to always keep a positive attitude when times are tough, to accept and learn from my mistakes, and so much more. With that, I want to say a huge thank you to my Hausner family for making this such a memorable experience.

My official last day is this Friday, January 13. We are still in the process of finding a new Health Coordinator, but please make sure to give them a warm welcome once they come to Hausner.

I will do my best to not get too emotional as we get through this week, but it truly saddens me to go and I will dearly miss seeing the smiles of you and your children every day. I hope to cherish these last few days with you all.