Social Skills Group for Grades K–2 (ages 6-8)

Social Skills Group for Grades K–2 (ages 6-8)

The JFCS’ Israeli Department, Bayit Ba’Valley, is happy to announce the opening of social skills groups for children 6-8 years old. 

As our children grow older, they spend more time in the company of other children and their social group becomes an important aspect of their emotional development.

From a very young age children practice and learn how to interact with their age group – how to make friends, how to join in play with other children and how to take other children’s needs into consideration, how to stand up to other children if need be and also how to accept loss or social rejection when those occur. All these important skills are “Social Skills”, skills that are vital to children in their daily life as well as being an important part of their adult life – in social interactions, at work, and in personal relationships.

Some children have less developed social skills than their peers. For instance, introverted children may shy away from social interactions resulting in difficulties making friends and joining in social play even though they would like to participate. In contrast, there are children that tend to be obstinate, finding it difficult to accept defeat, resulting in frequent arguments with their social group. 

One of the ways to equip children with social skills and teach emotional regulation is through peer social skills groups. In a social skills group, the children are introduced to social situations similar to the ones that they meet with on a daily basis at school and in social gatherings. The clinically trained therapists that lead these groups mediate different social scenarios and will impart the children with the tools to deal with the different social issues. The children will acquire social skills and proficiencies that will assist them in future social interactions all in a warm, welcoming, supportive and professional surroundings.

Our groups are specifically intended for children 6-8 years of age that are experiencing frustrating social interactions, as well as children that tend to get into a lot of arguments, children that are insulted easily, children that avoid social interactions and shy away from their peers, and children that might express less frustration or distress but that you, their parents, are concerned with their social skills.

About the program

There will be 7 group meetings as well as an individual zoom meeting with the parents before the group will start. At the end of the sessions, each parent will receive a summary about his child’s experience in the group. 

During the group meetings, through play and interaction, the children will learn more about themselves, learn to recognize personal strengths and weaknesses, broaden their emotional range and will practice different interpretations of varied social situations. They will learn that a different reading of a social situation impacts reactions and feelings. The children will also practice various social skills such as waiting in line, joining in social play, negotiation, empathy and more. During these meetings, we will address the impact of Covid 19 on the kid’s social skills and emotions. 

The great benefit of group work is that in addition to learning the necessary social skills, the children have an opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills with their peers whilst closely observed and followed by the group leaders.

About group leader, Tal Rabayov Itay, MSW

Tal earned a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work. She provides therapy for children and adults as a member of the Israeli Bayit Ba’Valley Department. Tal has extensive experience working with children suffering from a variety of issues such as depression and anxiety, behavioral issues, communication difficulties and many more. Tal has had considerable experience working and moderating children groups focusing on social skills and communication issues.

Cost: $720

Tuesday 2/22
Tuesday 3/1
Thursday 3/10
Tuesday 3/15
Tuesday 3/22
Tuesday 3/29
Tuesday 4/5

Time: 3:45–4:45 pm

Registration: Space is limited. To reserve your spot and for questions please contact Director of Student Support and School Counselor Shiry Zamir.