Spring Benefit FAQs   

Spring Benefit Committee

We’ve heard that you have some questions about our upcoming Spring Benefit. We have answers—read on to learn why you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

  1. Benefits are not my thing… why should I attend the Spring Benefit?
    We get it—and our entire committee is working hard to make this a fun and meaningful evening. Signature cocktails, great wine, food, and a comedy show (check out Mortified—who will be sharing their own brand of introspective comedy that hearkens back to childhood—and will also be bringing an interactive component to the evening). What we think is most important about this evening though, is the chance for all of us to be together—to stand in solidarity and support for our children’s school. It’s the one time a year that we ask all parents, alumni families, and alumni to come together as one big Hausner family. Being there means a lot to your fellow parents and to our staff!
  2. I don’t really like “dressing up”... (See above)
    We get that too. We will be outside, on the turf field (so no heels please). We suggest dressing for comfort—it will get chilly once the sun goes down. Bring your favorite down jacket and your coziest beanie hat. This Lag B'Omer themed event will be styled like an outdoor campground—so comfort and fun will rule the evening!
  3. I hear there will be “live fundraising.” What does this mean?
    We have a professional auctioneer who will bring energy into our program, and who promises to put the “fun” in fundraising for us. We will have a chance to raise our “paddles” to pledge funds to support tuition assistance at Hausner, an important part of our annual budget, which is what allows us to provide financial support to 30% of families and 40% of students. If you are able to make an additional donation during this part of the evening we will be very grateful; if it is not something your family can do at this time, just being there is your gift to us, and we appreciate you for it! Not everyone will “raise a paddle” so if it’s not something you can do that evening, there will not be pressure around this.
  4. I still don’t get it… We raised so much money during the fall. Why are we doing this again?
    We see why this can get a bit confusing… We had amazing participation this fall (93% of families—a Hausner record!) and we raised approximately $650,000 for the Hausner Fund. In order to operate our school we need to raise a total of $1,000,000 through donations this school year, and the Spring Benefit helps us raise the rest of our annual goal, which goes towards tuition assistance. This year, tuition assistance equaled approximately $2 million. $1 million is raised through donations (Hausner Fund and Spring Benefit) and the remainder is covered by grants and other income.
  5. You convinced me, and I really do want to attend. But the ticket price is too high for my family.
    Email development@hausnerschool.org with the subject line Spring Benefit Ticket Code. We will share a code that you can use for tickets. You can then make whatever level of donation feels comfortable for your family. You don’t have to put any information in the body of the email. We want all Hausner Parents to participate at whatever level is possible for you. It’s important for us to be together on May 19th!
  6. What is the easiest way to purchase tickets?
    You can purchase tickets here or Venmo $180 per ticket to @HausnerJDS.