Lunch and Snack

Nutritious, delicious meals are an integral part of a student’s success.

We provide our students and staff with well-balanced, healthy, kosher meals and snacks that give them the energy and focus they need – in the classroom and beyond.

Girls talking while having lunch

Our partnership with SAGE Dining Services

Together with SAGE Dining Services, we bring this vision to life. Students and staff enjoy healthy snacks and a variety of lunchtime options, including soups, a salad bar, and a choice of entrees. SAGE’s seasonal menus, prepared from scratch, are made with organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. They use only locally-sourced, cage-free eggs and whole grain ingredients. SAGE honors the diverse dietary needs of our students, including food allergies and other diets. Menus are available online

Our kashrut policy helps us foster an atmosphere of respect for different practices, ensuring that students and families can eat together comfortably.

Lunch line
Salad bar
Boys holding up lunch trays and smiling
Girls having lunch
Selecting vegetables from salad bar