Kadima Campaign Spotlight

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A message from our Honorary Kadima Campaign Chairs:  Laura Lauder and Shai Weingarten


Hausner has been a cherished institution in our local Jewish Community for more than 30 years, and continues to play a vital role. Hausner cultivates a positive and inclusive learning environment that is rooted in core Jewish values, and builds students’ capacity for critical thinking, creativity, and moral courage. 

Hausner has had—and continues to have—an immeasurable impact on our own children and families. It is a place of forward leaning integrative learning that represents the spectrum of Jewish identity, where students engage in advocacy for themselves and others. At Hausner, students learn joyfully while provided the support and encouragement for their success. Hausner families are an integral part of the school's every day life and contribute their expertise and ruach (spirit) to their students' experience. 

For this reason – and for so many more – we have joined Hausner’s Kadima: Thriving Forward Campaign as honorary Co-chairs. 

We are currently in the quiet phase of a $20M campaign that will plant the seeds for Hausner’s future, with investments in near term innovation and growth, as well as long-term investments in our endowment to enhance sustainability and adaptability.

The fruits of our Kadima Campaign will enable us to educate and nurture the next generation of Jewish and civic leaders, as well as define education strategies for our future. In these unprecedented times, we believe that our mission is more important than ever.

We invite you to join us in this ambitious effort to shape an exemplary Jewish educational institution. Please contact Shari Rubin-Rick at srick@hausnerschool.org to learn more.

With appreciation,

Laura Lauder and Shai Weingarten

Laura Lauder and Shai Weingarten